Growing up, I was never the pretty, poplar type. I would describe myself more the nerdy, obese type, at least for majority of my life or for the years that were supposed to be fun; high school, jr. high, middle school, you know the years that you wish you could go back and do over. Anyway, to sum it up, guys weren’t exactly in line asking me to homecoming, and due to my extremely long legs, I also received awesome nicknames like: sasquatch, or behemoth, which is no shock because kids are mean and everyone knows it. I guess you could say I lived your typical pathetic teenage life, until one day I came home to find that my mom had committed suicide. “Wow, even my own mother left me.” After all my father had pretty much left when  I was twelve and had a whole new family he was taking care of now. My mom was all I had and now she was gone. After that I was forced to live with my dad and his new family. I might as well live on my own because no one was paying attention to me at this point. It was ok to be seen once in awhile, but not herd, and definitely not ok to bring up my mom because no one talked about it. I came to a point in my life where I realized I could chose between two different paths; one way led to me continuing down this path of anger and resentment towards my mom, which in turn would force me to continue to be pathetic and hopeless with no future. The other path full of promise, where I become my own hero and rescue myself from spiraling out of control.
I’d like to say that I am fighting crime or moving objects with my mind but unfortunately my powers are more limited. I am pleased to say that I am happy to say I rescued myself from that pathetic teenage life I dreaded so much. I have pursued my education and recently graduated with my Master’s Degree, which I obtained completely on my own, with no help from family members. Of course it was difficult; working full time to support yourself, going to graduate school full time, living on your own and paying your bills, after your family said you couldn’t do it, but when your a bad ass superhero, who is determined to stop at nothing, no one can stop you. My superhero story doesn’t stop there, I am also happy to report that I am down 90lbs and have kept the weight off for more than four years now. I’m fit and lets just say I get a little bit more male attention than I can handle for my superhero lifestyle. I feel so alive and thank past tense me everyday for making that decision to change. I’m only twenty-four years young, which means this is just the beginning.