I’ve tried to romance you and make you see that I’m the only one for you. I gave you my heart, and you just walked away. I am so confused to what I did wrong. I thought you were perfect…. we were perfect, but you refuse to let it happen. You don’t want to be happy with me. I make you smile in a way no one else can. When we are together, I don’t see anyone else. My heart races so fast when your lips meet mine. I know your happiest with me, but that doesn’t matter, you continue to push me away. If you have your guard up then you can’t get hurt. I’m not here to hurt you, I’m here to show you that love still exist.

Months go by and I’m still trying. I’v completely changed my ways. I never wanted to be with anyone. I enjoyed being alone and then I met you, and all that changed. I didn’t need anyone, I was completely content with being by myself. Now all I want is for you to lay next to me.

I’m at, what seems to be the end, and you’re not with me. I’m not alright right now, I’ve never been the type that gets abused. Everything I did, thrown away like a piece of scratch paper. Just another girl to you I guess. I thought we drifted closer and then you pushed me further then ever before. Now I’m laying here alone. Why do I have this feeling in my chest of broken pieces? It hurts and all I want is you here with me. I guess now I am on my own.