You don’t want to be with me

I don’t know what to say

I guess because we keep fighting

I’m just pushing you further away

I care about you in ways I can’t explain

When we don’t talk for hours

It just drives me insane

I want to fix things

And make everything alright

But you’re stubborn

I can’t win

We just continue to fight

Another day goes by

Can’t close my eyes without seeing your face

It saddens me to know the time we spent together was a waste

Did you ever care?

I can’t explain my pain

Maybe to you It wasn’t real

Just some fun little game

Hearts broken into pieces

Tears won’t stop falling

Can’t sleep at night,  who needs it

My love for you still calling

Reminisce about the past

You laying close to me

How much longer can I last

My feelings pay the fee

It was supposed to be me and you

Taking on the world together

Now it’s just me

Wish things would have went better